Feel the Fear on the New Nemesis: Sub-Terra

February 2, 2012


Alton Towers have unveiled plans for a terrifying new ride due to open in time for the 2012 season. Nemesis: Sub-Terra will be based on the back-story of Alton Towers’ world-famous Nemesis ride.

However, unlike the Nemesis inverted rollercoaster,Nemesis: Sub-Terra will be an indoor ride that descends two stories below ground; an inventive method of getting around restrictions that prevent Alton Towers from building above a certain height.

The story behind the Nemesis ride is that of an extraterrestrial creature put on Earth over two million years ago. Nemesis: Sub-Terra will be located close to Nemesis in the Forbidden Valley section of the park and continues the story of this terrifying creature. The dark and intense underground setting is set to make for a psychologically thrilling experience.

The opening date for this ride is set as March 24, 2012. As a build-up to this, Alton Towers are releasing various teasers and tasters including a Youtube video detailing the story of the Nemesis monster, and a Twitter feed of the “excavation team” which releases updates on their progress when they reach growing numbers of followers.

Check out the Nemesis: Sub-Terra video here.

Alton Towers have also recruited celebrity adrenaline junkieJack Osbourne as ‘Director of Fear’, to ensure that the ride is as terrifying as it can possibly be. He will be the first to test it out and has apparently requested a heart rate monitor to be installed at the attraction’s exit to record its riders’ level of fear!

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