The Top Travel Blogs of 2013

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November 7, 2013

Everyone loves a good travel blog, right?

Ok, so it might not sound like the most fun to read about someone having the time of their life on the other side of the world when you’re sat on the bus in the rain. But a good travel blog can be fabulously addictive and get you seriously excited about places you’d never even considered going!

And sometimes, you stumble across a blog that’s so great you just want to read every post they’ve ever published right then and there. And then tell all your friends about it. So that’s what we’ve decided to do.

The AttractionTix Team’s Favourite Travel Blogs (and why we love them!)


Simon’s choice: The Expert Vagabond

Expert VagabondThis guy really helps to dispel the myth that not everyone can “do” long term travel. His adventures show that you don’t need a lot of money to travel, and it’s not as hard or as scary as you think!

Farrah’s choice: The Everywhereist

The EverywhereistI actually want to be this woman. Yes her blog’s mainly about travel, but her honesty and wicked sense of humour really draws you into her life and all its ups and downs. Plus she really focusses on one of the most important parts of travel – the food!

Nick’s choice: 48HourAdventure

48hr adventureLooking for the best things to do if you’ve only got 2 days to spend in a place? This blog is where you need to be! It’ll tell you what’s worth checking out, where’s good for food and loads of other stuff that’s perfect if you’re time-limited or taking a weekend break.

Phillipa’s choice: SecretEscapes

Secret EscapesI have a real love-hate relationship with this blog; I love all the great ideas and insightful info it provides for planning where you’re going on holiday, but more often than not it makes me feel a bit sick with jealousy because I wish I was in all those gorgeous places right now!

Jamie’s choice: Beersandbeans

Beers and BeansThis couple give you great inspiration for your own journeys, however big or small. They’ve also got a section especially for traveller resources like tips on accommodation, volunteering and even how to take the best photos!

Wondering about the name? Well it’s a pretty simple concept; one of them likes beer, and the other likes beans!

We’re always hungry for more blogs to feed our travel addiction, so if you’ve got a favourite travel-related blog, please let us know about it and why you love it!

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Farrah Hedwat

Farrah is AttractionTix’s resident Copywriter. A city girl at heart, her best-loved travel moments are exploring new cities across the world like Barcelona or Los Angeles. Farrah’s favourite things are eating, sleeping, shopping and animals (but mostly animals). Her pet hates are bad grammar and other writing-based “offences”.