Ever wondered what the World’s Best Christmas Trees look like?

Christmas Tree at Kings Cross St Pancras
December 24, 2013

Just cos it’s Christmas, we’ve been out and found the best Christmas trees in the whole world, from the biggest to the weirdest to the “most human”……

The Biggest Christmas Tree in the World

Mount Ingino

Source: flickr

The Mount Ingino Christmas Tree is a lighting illumination in the shape of a Christmas tree that is installed annually on the slopes of Mount Ingino in Italy.

In 1991 the Guinness Book of Records named it “The World’s Largest Christmas Tree”. It’s 650m high and 350m wide with 3000 multi-coloured lights, and can be seen from a distance of 50km away.

The Biggest Human Christmas Tree

Biggest human christmas tree

Source: Twitter

The record for the largest human Christmas tree has just been broken by Thailand. 852 kids between ages 6-15 stood in a “Christmas tree formation” at a Thai shopping mall.

The previous record was held by 672 participants in Germany (although 13 people were deducted because they did not stay in the Christmas tree shape for the required time).

The World’s Weirdest Christmas Tree

Sushi christmas tree

Source: Walyou

Our frontrunner this year for weirdest tree goes to this one made of – wait for it – sushi. Is it wrong that I’m getting hungry?…..

The Biggest “Living” Christmas Tree

Biggest living christmas tree

Source: flickr

The UK’s largest still-growing Christmas tree is a 113-foot (34.4m) giant redwood tree at Wakehurst Place, West Sussex.

The Best LEGO Christmas Trees

Lego christmas tree

Source: flickr

The Christmas Bricktacular at LEGOLAND Florida displays a 30-foot tall LEGO Christmas tree made of 270,000 LEGO bricks.

There’s also a pretty awesome LEGO tree at St Pancras International Station – made from 600,000 LEGO Bricks with 172 branches and 1200 baubles.

Lego Tree

Source: flickr

The Biggest Floating Christmas Tree

The Biggest Floating Christmas Tree

Source: flickr

The new world record for the Largest Floating Christmas Tree has been set in in Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. Rio de Janeiro. The tree is 85m tall, 542 tonnes and is illuminated by 3.3 million lights.

Merry Christmas!

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