Turkey Visitors will need an Online Visa from April 2014

January 14, 2014

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Visitors to Turkey will soon need to apply for a visa online prior to travel, or risk being refused entry to the country.

From April 10th 2014, the Turkish Consulate has announced that they will be abolishing the stamp / sticker visa that visitors currently receive on arrival, and replacing it with an online visa application.

Anyone visiting Turkey from April 11th 2014 will be required to purchase their entry visa via the Turkish Government website before they travel.



What happens until then?

The Turkish Consulate have advised that the Stamp Visa and Banderole Visa, which are currently used for entering the Republic of Turkey, will continue to be used

alongside the e-visa application until 10th April.

Need to Know More?

Fortunately it’s quick and easy to apply for the online visa. If you’re travelling to Turkey from April 2014 you can do it here

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