Review of the Sistine Chapel Early Entry Tour

Sistine chapel early entry tourreview
July 15, 2014

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“We got to go into the Vatican Museum before anyone else” – A review of the Sistine Chapel (Early Entry) Tour

A trip to Rome would not be complete without seeing the Sistine Chapel, would it? We only had a few days in Rome, so spending too long queuing to get in anywhere was not how we wanted to spend our time in this beautiful city, which is why an early entry ticket worked out perfectly for us.

We met early in the morning on the steps opposite the Vatican Museum and were greeted by Emma, our super friendly guide.  From the very first moment we met, before the tour had even really begun, she was full of information and facts. Having qualifications in art history meant that she really knew her stuff, but not in a boring way. I am not the biggest fan of art, but she definitely kept my attention.

We went straight to the front of the queue to wait for the doors to the Vatican Museum to open and when they did, we got to go in before anyone else. It was so peaceful in there, a vast difference from the amount of people that were there when we were leaving.

St Peter's Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica

Our first stop was a patio area with an incredible view of St Peter’s Basilica. We sat down on some benches whilst Emma told us all about how the Sistine Chapel was built. This was one of the most interesting parts for me, as I was amazed at just what was achieved with so little. Guided tours are not allowed in the Sistine Chapel, so all the information that Emma was to give to us was to be done here. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and there seemed like nothing she couldn’t answer.

We then walked through some of the exhibitions in the Vatican Museum and saw some beautiful painting, tapestry, painted ceilings and so much more. Although this was our walk to the main attraction, the walk itself was part of the attraction.

Just before we got to the Sistine Chapel, Emma left us (as I mentioned, guided tours are not allowed) and we walked in to the beautiful chapel. Immediately everyone looked up and spent most of the time with their neck back and eyes looking up. There was just so much to see and as we had a map on the Sistine Chapel with us, we were able to work out what everything was and link it back to stories that Emma has previously told us.

Sistine Chapel

Spiral Steps at the Sistine Chapel

Although we had early entry, we were of course not the only ones in there, but it is by no means busy. I think later in the day it would have been too busy to enjoy, so I am glad that we got the early entry.

With this ticket, you are allowed to stay and explore the Vatican Museums after, but even if you don’t have time to do that, the way you walk to get out takes your past so many more wonderful things.

I would definitely recommend this trip, as there isn’t a lot of walking involved, it doesn’t take up too much time and there is just so much to see. Great value for money!

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