7 Reasons why the Coco Bongo VIP ticket is SO worth it

October 8, 2014

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Coco Bongo nightclub is, quite simply, one of the best nights out you’ll have in Cancun, whatever age you are (seriously, just read the Tripadvisor reviews posted by happy customers ranging from 20 – 60+!)

If you’re planning to go, I can’t stress enough how much more enjoyable and just downright fabulous your night will be if you go for the Coco Bongo VIP Tickets. Here are the biggest reasons why:

1. You can jump the humungous entry queues

Coco Bongo is Cancun’s most famous nightclub. Everyone wants to go there, so the standard admission queues are pretty much ALWAYS going to be excruciatingly long. But anyone who’s pre-booked a VIP Gold Member ticket goes through a different entry point, so your queue will be teeny-tiny by comparison.
Coco Bongo Spiderman Entrance

2. You have your own special pre-club VIP bar

Gold Member tickets get you into the Boutique bar before the actual club opens. So rather than hanging round waiting for “letting-in” time, you can make a start on your unlimited free drinks (more about them below…..) and getting into the Coco Bongo spirit!

The Gold Members bar even has its own priority entrance that leads you straight to the VIP area.

Coco Bongo Goldmember VIP entrance

3. You get UNLIMITED free premium drinks

You can literally drink as much as you want. No tokens or one-drink-at-a-time nonsense, you just ask your waiter for whatever you like and they’ll bring it right over.

There’s no messing about with the quality of the drinks here either. I had all kinds of stuff (we’re talking cocktails, vodka, various shots…..all in the name of research of course) and was still gloriously headache-free the next day!

Cocktails at Coco Bongo Cancun

4. There’s no queueing for your drinks either!

The waiter service in the VIP area is super-attentive. It got to the point where, as I was finishing the last bit of my drink, another one would appear in front of me as if by magic.

Needless to say I had no reason to try queuing for drinks in the standard admission area, but judging by the amount of people there I can imagine you’d be waiting a while….

5. They want you to have a good time

Early on in the night I asked our waiter for a bottle of water. He brought me one – accompanied by a shot of tequila.

6. You get the best view of the show

…..and when I say the best view I mean you actually get to see the show properly. The stage is raised above the dancefloor, so if you’ve got the “standard” ticket which doesn’t allow you into the VIP balcony areas, you’ll effectively be underneath it, and the only way you’ll get to see the show properly is via a TV screen.

Coco Bongo Cancun Stage Show

However the VIP area is slightly higher than the stage so you get to see everything that’s going on, as well as having a bird’s-eye view of all the dancefloor shenanigans!

7. You can have a rest after too much dancing

If there is such a thing as “too much dancing”?…. Anyway, in the VIP area everyone gets their own table complete with chairs so you can have a dance or have a sit down and watch the show whenever you like. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see much seating outside the VIP section.

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