6 Ways to Kill Time around London’s Euston Station

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October 29, 2014

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London can be a daunting place to a tourist. It’s vast, busy and the public transport systems can be very confusing!

A lot of UK travellers arrive in London through the bustling Euston railway station and I’ve spent many an hour sat in a dodgy food chain outlet with a book trying to while away the hours before my train leaves for the rainy North.

So if you don’t want to battle the morning rat race on the stuffy underground or try your hand at navigating the bus system, what is accessible on foot in the capital?

1. Green Space in Russell Square Gardens

Exiting Euston station and walking straight up Upper Woburn Place for around 10 minutes will bring you to Russell Square; a green tree lined space of amazing calm in the centre of a busy city.

Things to do near London Euston - Russell Square

Russell Square Gardens

At lunchtime you will be joined by office types who roll out their picnic blankets to enjoy their lunch in the sun. There’s a fountain, vast green spaces and a little café if you haven’t brought lunch with you. On a hot sunny day it feels like you could be anywhere in the world!

2. The British Museum

Behind Russell Square is the British Museum which concentrates on human history and culture. Its collection of works is amongst the largest in existence with pieces from around the world illustrating human nature from its start to present day. It is free to visit and, if you visit before 30th November, you’ll see an exhibition of 8 mummies from very different walks of life.

3. Covent Garden

A little further afield (around a 30-minute walk) you will find Covent Garden within walking distance. It is just 1.5 miles away from Euston train station, but if you don’t know London very well, you wouldn’t realise that!

Things to do near London Euston - covent garden

Covent Garden

Once a fruit and vegetable market, Covent Garden is now home to numerous shops and restaurants with street performers and lots of events. Here you will find the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden Square and the London Transport Museum amongst many other interesting spots. The buildings are grand, the shops are plentiful and the performers are definitely entertaining!

4. Leicester Square

leicester square

Leicester Square

5 more minutes’ walk brings you to the West End and ‘Cinema Land’ also known as Leicester Square. Most of the UK film premieres take place here first so you may spot a celebrity, but if not, there is a pretty park at the centre which is home to statues of William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Joshua Reynolds, John Hunter and William Hogarth to spend some time in.

5. The West End

Welcome to the West End! Here you will find the best shows in the country with hundreds of theatres, musicals, dance shows and comedies to entertain. Catch the longest running musical in West End history, Les Miserables, or one of the many shows starring both established actors as well as up and coming stars of the future.

6. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Located in the West End of London in Piccadilly Circus is Ripley’s Believe It or Not! where you can see bizarre artefacts from around the world, many collected by explorer Robert Ripley himself. This is a great place to visit for children and adults – measure yourself against the tallest man, see an 8 foot model of Titanic made out of matchsticks and lose your friends in the mirror maze!

Happy exploring!

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