Things to do with Kids in the School Holidays

Things to do with Kids in the School Holidays
February 12, 2015

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Have you decided how you’re going to keep the kids busy – and yourself from going crazy – during the school holidays?

UK attractions like the Tower of London combine fun with a bit of history and education! Or if you’re heading abroad for some sun, water parks like Siam Park Tenerife are perfect for expending their excess energy.

We’ve put together 24 top tips for things to do with kids in the school holidays from some of our favourite parent bloggers!

1. Charlotte –
If like me you’ve got a footy-mad child then check out the FA website as they offer free (yes free!) coaching for 5-11 year olds. Your kids can run their legs off and make friends and you can catch up on some mum jobs.
2. Paula –
As a family sit down and make a fun plan of activities you can do throughout the week, this works especially well if you have more than one child as everyone gets to do something they really enjoy. Things like baking, crafting and trips to the park are fun but also low-cost for filling up the holidays.
3. Carolin –
Don’t throw out old milk bottles, cardboard or plastic boxes – they can be turned into fun “rubbish monsters” with the help of some glue, stickers and paint!
4. Lesley –
Go outside, chase rainbows, dig holes or just splash in the rain to get some fresh air into your lungs. Don’t worry about the housework til the kids are asleep; memories aren’t made washing dishes and cleaning floors.
5. Annwen –
Hold an ‘indoor car wash’, get all the toy cars or grubby toys and put them through the wash, soapy water and tea towels are all you need to make it fun!
6. Emily –
I always collect things from around the house such as empty toilet roll tubes, yoghurt pots, lolly sticks etc. and store them in a box with some glue, coloured paper and stickers. It makes a great crafty activity on a rainy day.
7. Donna –
If money’s tight, wrap up warm and go to a local forest for puddle-jumping and Gruffalo hunting!
8. Emma –
If the weather is bad, build an indoor den, make a picnic and let your imagination take you on an adventure!
9. Vicky –
If you can, try and take public transport to wherever you are going. This gives you more time to interact with the kids and less time and money spent on trying to find a parking space and paying for the car park, plus it adds to the adventure.
10. Kellie –
If you go out during half term, pack a picnic where possible. Take extra money for treats such as ice creams or cold drinks, but many places you visit now have picnic areas where you can bring your own food so that everyone can eat together at a time that is convenient for everyone. This also means that you can spend more time on rides or in attractions while other visitors are queuing for lunch at peak times
11. Anna –
If you have a couple of days free and the budget to take the kids on a little break during the holidays, you can’t go wrong with Disneyland Paris. We visited last half term and can’t wait to go back!
12. Alison –
Museums and art galleries are usually free, and during half term they often run interactive events for children. It is worth checking their website and taking along a picnic for a free (and warm) day out.
13. Isil –
Organise days out with friends that your kids don’t get a chance to see during term time due to being in different schools. We usually meet up at a park or our local leisure centre so we can spend a few hours together and have lots of fun!
14. Tammy –
Plan some down-time days where you stay at home and craft, or watch films. School is tiring and children need a bit of relaxation time to ready them to learn at their best!
15. Emma –
Set a budget for the week and talk to your children about what they want to do during the week. It is good for older children, like mine, to be involved in realising how much things cost and let them help plan the week. They then learn the value of money and they should enjoy the activities because they have had input.
16. Kara –
Venture outside and explore what your local area has to offer. We usually head to the beach or New Forest as they’re not far from where we live.
17. Mary –
Take a nature trail in the park or woods, create a list of different things to collect and then turn them into a collage when you get home! We’ll probably head to our nearest Forestry Commission site to go on the Gruffalo Child Trail at Wendover Woods – great outdoor fun with interactive ideas along the trail.
18. Jax –
Check your local library; as well as their own activities, they should have a copy of primary times (free magazine with event listings) or even a noticeboard for events going on in your area – some churches and youth groups run events during holidays.
19. Natalie –
My tip is ‘go outside and do something less boring instead’. My boys are 5 and 7 and even in the winter we get out each day whether it is to the park and woods at the back of the garden, walking the dog by the river or going to a National Trust location and letting loose. With thick jumpers, gloves and hot chocolate to warm up getting outside is a winner even in winter!
20. Gina –
Do some research before the holidays for places that you can visit for free. That way you can fill your days with fun activities that aren’t going to break the bank. The kiddies will be entertained and your wallet won’t be feeling sorry for itself. It’s a win-win situation.
21. Laura –
Be spontaneous and don’t plan too much of the holidays away. See what the weather is like and ask the kids what they want to do. Maybe a trip to the park or the swimming pool or just a day at home with some movies. Just enjoy the time you get to spend together when the kids are off school.
22. Rachel –
Many cinemas offer select morning movies at weekends and in school holidays for a fraction of the normal price. To keep costs down even further make your own snack packs with popcorn, a carton of juice and a treat included, happy days!
23. Sammie –
Spend the morning writing/drawing up a countryside checklist, then spend the afternoon exploring a local park ticking off your checklist as you find the items!
24. Michaela –
Collect craft and baking supplies throughout the year for different activities. Bookmark websites that have great crafty ideas or print out recipes so that you can use them during the holidays and then write a list of things you will do each day so you’re prepared.

Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter

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