All aboard the Hogwarts Express! We review the Harry Potter Studio Tour’s newest attraction

March 26, 2015


There’s now a brand new reason to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London!

The Warner Bros Studios are now home to The Hogwarts Express – the original steam train featured in the Harry Potter films.

Once again the magic of Harry Potter has been brought to life so families and film fans can experience what it’s like to stand on Platform 9¾ and climb aboard the train that transported Harry to a whole new world of adventures.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

The tour begins with a short introduction and background to the Studios, narrated by the three stars of Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

When the huge oak doors open you’re invited to step into the Great Hall, the setting for all of Hogwarts’ abundant feasts!


Harry Potter Studios- Great hall table

When you’re done admiring the grandeur of the Great Hall you can go through to the main room, where you’ll see the recreations of the Gryffyndor common room, the Burrow, the Potions classroom, the Ministry of Magic and much more!

Harry Potter Studios- Ministry of magic

Harry Potter Studios- Potions class

Harry Potter Studios- The burrow

Make sure you take your time to admire the detail of all the props and scenery on display, which took teams of people days (and sometimes even weeks!) to sculpt, paint and assemble.

The Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾

Make your way to the red carpet, where Platform 9 ¾ and the Hogwarts Express awaits…

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express entrance

Don’t forget to ask the friendly photographers to take your photo as you run headlong into the platform pillar!

Harry Potter Studios- platform entrance

The Hogwarts Express provided the background for the very first shot captured for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Ten years later it was then the setting for the very last shot of the entire series in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. And now you can climb aboard yourself!

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express front

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express side

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express side door

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express steps

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express carriage

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express anything from the trolley dears

The doors to the carriages in the Hogwart’s express are locked, but if you head down the platform to the green screen area you can re-enacted all your favourite Hogwarts Express scenes there.

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express green screen area

Watch your chocolate frog jump out the window, wave to Harry and Ron as they fly beside you in their enchanted car or ‘feel’ the chill of the Dementors on the windows like I did…

Harry Potter Studios- Hogwarts express dementors

The Tour Continues…

Head on through to the indoor café and grab yourself a Butterbeer, before venturing out to see the picturesque Privet Drive.

Harry Potter Studios- Butter beer

Harry Potter Studios- Privet Drive

Harry Potter Studios- Privet Drive (2)

Go window shopping in Diagon Alley, check out all the hand-made and hand labelled wand boxes and finish the tour with the crown of the Art department- the intricately detailed model of Hogwarts Castle.

Harry Potter Studios- Diagon Alley

Harry Potter Studios- wands

Harry Potter Studios- castle model

Built for the first film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the model’s every courtyard tower and turret were filmed and enhanced with digital effects to create unforgettable realistic views of the magical school.

If the authentic film sets, staggering volume of intricate hand-made props, original animatronics that bring the mythical creatures to life, or the Butterbeer aren’t enough to draw you into the magical world of Harry Potter – the newly built Hogwarts Express sure will!

Entry to the new Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾ Expansion is included with all Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets.

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