The most exciting thrill rides at PortAventura theme park!

rides at PortAventura theme park
April 16, 2015

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The rides at PortAventura theme park vary from lovely kiddy carousels and teacups to white-knuckle close-your-eyes-and-pray! These are some of the park’s most exciting thrill rides:

Dragon Khan

This mega-coaster travels at an incredible 110km/h, with a mind-blowing 8 vertical loops including a zero-G roll, a cobra roll and 2 corkscrews.


This hypercoaster holds 3 European records:

  • The highest rollercoaster in Europe at 76m tall
  • The longest fall in Europe at 78m (2m underground!)
  • The fastest European coaster, reaching 134km/h on the first descent.


When a ride is based on a buffalo stampede, you know it’s going to be fierce! This huge wooden rollercoaster really rockets you around the 3000ft track, with lots of surprise drops!

Hurakan Condor

Not for the faint-hearted! This mighty drop tower slowly ascends to 330ft (100m) above the park, before suddenly dropping you straight towards the ground!

Furious Baco

One of the fastest coasters in Europe, this accelerator-coaster launches you from 0-135kmh in 3 seconds flat!

Silver River Flume

PortAventura’s most thrilling water ride with multiple splashdowns – perfect for cooling off without losing the adrenaline!

Want to try out PortAventura’s thrill rides for yourself? Make sure you check out the Ultimate Guide to PortAventura to help plan your visit!

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