Ditch the Digital and Enjoy the Real World on National Unplugging Day!

National Unplugging Day 2015
June 22, 2015


Could you live without your smartphone, tablet or computer for one day??

One of the best-loved parenting websites is challenging you to do just that in celebration of National Unplugging Day this Sunday!

What’s National Unplugging Day all about?

Top parenting website MyFamilyClub.co.uk are inviting the nation to put down their digital devices for 24 hours and enjoy some quality time with their loved ones without the interruptions of technology, whether it’s a picnic at the local park, booking some cheap theme park tickets, a baking day, or whatever you enjoy!

The day isn’t just intended to be a “novelty” one-off, but as a starting point to encourage people of all ages to embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle by enjoying more quality time with their loved ones and less time on digital devices.

What the experts say:

Parenting experts warn that digital distractions can harm relationships and stop youngsters from developing face-to-face communication skills, leading children to believe that spending hours on emails, texts and social media is a healthy and acceptable activity.

As digital technology increasingly invades our daily lives, parents are becoming less present and available to their children and mental health officials are worried about the long-term effects this may have.

What the parents say:

Gemma Johnson, Founder of MyFamilyClub (and mum of three!), says “It is so important to lead by example with our device usage. We want to encourage the nation to put away their digital devices and pledge to spend time doing something different with their children such as going for a bike ride, games in the park, learning a new activity or taking a walk in the woods.

National Unplugging Day recognises the value of technology in today’s society whilst trying to encourage people – especially families and young children – to be more mindful of their digital usage.”

Want to get involved in National Unplugging Day on June 28th?

MyFamilyClub is offering tips and advice to families who want to enjoy technology-free family time. Find out more at MyFamilyClub.co.uk.

Let us know what you’re planning!

Share your plans for National Unplugging Day using the hashtags #GoGadgetFree #Unplug2015

Happy Unplugging!

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