Introducing SINGHA – Siam Park’s new ride for 2015!

siam park new ride singha
August 18, 2015


Siam Park Tenerife has unveiled a new ride that blasts any other waterslide right out of… well… the water!

Get a load of Singha – full name the “SINGHA FlyingSAUCER™/RocketBLAST™”. It’s a gargantuan hybrid waterslide with steeper drops, faster bends and scarier dark tunnels….

What makes Singha even bigger & better than the rest?

Siam Park is already officially the best water park in the world, so it had to live up to its reputation and give us something revolutionary!

Singha is a world-first with its giant “Flying Saucer” turns, which are designed to create maximum speed and centrifugal force for a faster, tighter ride.

Its turbine technology delivers 100% steeper hills than traditional ‘blaster’ coasters and 50% more capacity – so (fingers crossed) you won’t be waiting around long to try it out!

Can’t wait to ride Singha? Make sure you’re fully prepared with the things you should know before you visit Siam Park!

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