What’s your “Holiday Compatibility”?

Couple looking at the Sagrada Familia
September 12, 2016

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Are you and your partner holiday compatible?

Our latest research has revealed that 61% of couples who go on holiday together argue more than if they had just stayed at home. 2,342 Britons, who had all been on holiday with their partner in the last 5 years, were surveyed, and three out of five admitted that their arguing had increased when they went away together.

The reason behind all this holiday disharmony? Boredom topped the polls at 22%, but right on its heels were ‘Disagreements about how to spend our time on holiday’ at 19% and ‘overspending’ at 15% so make sure book your attraction tickets before you get on the plane!

If you’re still not sure if you should holiday with your partner, check take our holiday compatibility quiz and find out if your first holiday will be holiday hell or a blissful break! Anything below 50%? Maybe try a weekend break in the UK first before deciding to spend two weeks abroad together!

How “Holiday Compatible” are you and your partner?

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