5 Of The Best Marriage Proposals At Theme Parks

Best Marriage Proposals
January 28, 2017


Some proposals don’t take place on a sunset monument, or on top of a hill or under the northern lights. Some of them make theme parks even more unforgettable! Check out these heartwarming proposals!

Holiday World, Indiana: This woman becomes a “rollercoaster buddy” for life and is reduced to tears before the ride gets going!

Discovery Cove, Orlando: Why propose yourself when you can get the dolphins to do it for you?

Ghost Hunt, Alton Towers: Why use dolphins when you can use the spirit world to help you out?

Disney World, Orlando: “While I’m on one knee” is a terrible way to start a proposal but for a big Disney fan, there’s only one place to go – with Mickey!

Disney World, Orlando: But Cinderella’s Castle is the most popular proposal place by far!

Inspired yet? Make sure you send in a video of your theme park proposal if you do it!


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