What’s New For Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary

Disneyland 25th Attractiontix


April 12, 2017

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April 12th 2017 marks 25 years to the day that Disneyland Paris swung open its doors for the very first time. They’re celebrating their silver anniversary all through the year, with a host of new attractions to make your visit the most memorable one possible!

1. The launch of Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Disneyland Hyperspace Mountain AttractionTix

Image © Disney & ™ LucasFilms

Found: Discoveryland (from May 7)
Space Mountain is a much-loved attraction, the indoor rollercoaster has been thrilling people since 1995, but it’s getting a makeover for the 25th anniversary, becoming Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. It won’t be open until May 7, so there’s still a bit of waiting time if you’re heading out early in the season, but expect it to be very popular when it does eventually blast off!

2. Special Disney Illuminations for this year only

Disneyland Illuminations AttractionTix

Image © Disney

Found: Sleeping Beauty Castle
Nothing will sparkle quite like the Disney Illuminations! Amazing fireworks, incredible light displays, water jets and awesome special effects help tell the tale of Disney stories through the ages, and the display truly comes to life! New and old Disney extravaganzas told through the medium of light, with a bucketload of sparkle for the big anniversary year!

3. Loads of new stories on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Disneyland Star Tours The Adventure Continues AttractionTix

Image © Disney & ™ Lucasfilm

Found: Discoveryland
The much-loved Star Tours rides has been revamped and renewed for the year ahead, and is now more amazing than ever! This 3D motion simulator has over 70 different ride combinations so if you ride it a few times, you’ll likely get a different experience onboard the Starspeeder each time!

4. The biggest, best Disney Parade ever!

Disneyland Parade AttractionTix

Image © Disney

Found: Starting at “It’s A Small World” at Fantasyland and ending in Main Street USA
The Disney Parade is always a sight to behold but they’ve gone all out for their anniversary with an incredible 400 new costumes and characters along with brand new music. It features Woody and his Toy Story friends rocking up, an vibrant singing and dancing display from The Lion King and Jungle Book, a complete blizzard of Frozen fun and even a fire-breathing dragon! It’s the biggest and busiest parade ever at Disneyland, so be sure to soak in the sparkles!

5. A crystal tiara that weighs more than a bulldozer

Disneyland Starlit Princess Waltz AttractionTix

Image © Disney

Found: Sleeping Beauty Castle
Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Tiana and the like all take to the sparkly stage for a wonderful musical waltz in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. “Shiny” doesn’t properly cover it – there are a quarter of a million Swarovski crystals in the 5 ton, spinning, sparkling on-stage tiara! This show will delight any aspiring little monarch.

6. Sing and dance with Mickey Presents Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris

Found: Sleeping Beauty Castle
Also in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and super singy, comes Mickey Mouse and his Happy Anniversary show! It’s like a mini-musical (or should that be Minnie-musical?). Everyone is encouraged to sing along with the enormous cast of characters in the show wishing a very special anniversary to the park

7. A new Italian restaurant to taste – the VapianoDisneyland Vapiano AttractionTix

Found: Disney Village
Disney Village welcomes a new restaurant to its ranks this year, as this cute Italian/Mediterranean eatery opens its doors. The food can be ordered straight from the chefs as they cook in front of you, and it comes with a play area upstairs for the kids while the parents can enjoy a glass of something sparkly.

8. A bit of spring cleaning of other rides

Found: Adventureland (Pirates Of The Caribbean), Frontierland (Big Thunder Mountain), Disney Hotels (Newport Bay Club)
Pirates Of The Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain and Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel have all been spruced up and made extra sparkly with new features. There is another Pirates Of The Caribbean hitting cinemas later on in the year, so expect that to get busier around June as all the little ones will be fancying themselves as scurvy seadogs!

And that’s it! Not a short list of little upgrades – this 25th anniversary is set to be one of the most memorable in the history of Disneyland! You can get your tickets for Disneyland here, and get a 1, 2, 3 or 4-day ticket for Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Let the sparkles flow!