10 Awesome Disneyland Reveals

10 Awesome Disneyland Reveals - Attractiontix.co.uk


August 24, 2017

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“We’re going to Disneyland” – those words are magical. You shouldn’t just SAY them, no, they should be discovered and enjoyed! That’s why we want you to be as creative as possible in announcing your trip to Disneyland Paris and use our free reveal kit for assistance! And if you need inspiration, we’ve found some of the best reveals online, and some of the tactics you can use! Can you do better than any of these?

Ever-Decreasing boxes

This one big box answers all the questions at once… but they had to get through the layers first!

Treasure hunt style

You could lead the kids on a tour of the house…

Treasure hunt epic style

Or go massive with huge Christmas crackers and puzzles!

Flat out lie…

“We’re going to daddy’s friend’s house” comes the voice from behind the camera. This girl gets pretty far into the park before she realises what’s happening!

…go to the dentist…

Say you’ll go somewhere you know they’ll hate, and wait for the penny to drop! In this case in particular, watch how long it takesfor the kids to catch on!

…but don’t be too cruel!

These poor kids were told they had bad school grades and were going to summer school… a bit extreme!

“That’s a lie!”

It’s so unbelievable, they might not even think you’re telling the truth – like this woman who refuses to believe her husband would do something so amazing!

The gameshow reveal

Pull the string to reveal the prize! A surprise awaits behind the “box”.

Give everyone the same present

When you’ve got NINE kids to tell at once, what’s the best way of doing it? Give everyone the same present and get them to open it at the same time!

Wait until the airport

You don’t have to say WHERE you’re going on holiday! You could wait until the airport!

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