Video: Secret Weapon 8 At Alton Towers

Alton Towers Secret Weapon 8 AttractionTix


November 10, 2017


The Alton Towers season has officially ended (booo!) which means a well-earned break for all our favourite rides and the staff that operate them. But there’s one ride that’s only just getting going.

Over the next few months, construction of Secret Weapon 8 will approach its final stage and be ready for their re-opening in 2018. No date for their opening has been announced yet, this normally comes in the New Year.

We’re crazy-excited to give this thing a go, and we’ve been whipped up into even more of a frenzy after some footage emerged this week featuring the main lift at the start of the ride… and it looks huge! We might just be wide-eyed at this but it looks pretty massive and pretty spectacular. The rollercoaster itself is “just one small part of the experience” according to the creator, Bradley Wynne, so we are buzzing about what else SW8 will throw at us.

Hurry up spring, we can’t wait to get on board! We’ll have tickets available soon, but in the meantime, we’ve just got to keep that buzz bottled up… ooh 2018 is going to be awesome.