Wicker Man Unveiled At Alton Towers

Wicker Man Unveiled At Alton Towers - Attractiontix.co.uk


January 8, 2018

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Alton Towers Resort has announced its latest ground-breaking thrill attraction set to open in Spring 2018 – Wicker Man!

The curtain has finally come off the long-awaited “Secret Weapon 8” at Alton Towers and it is absolutely mega! We need to get a seat on this thing. Here’s what you need to know about it:

It’s the first new wooden rollercoaster in the UK in 21 years, and aims to reconnect rides with the primal thrill of rollercoasters, and has a few flame jets along the way! There is a centre structure standing at a mighty 17 and a half metres high, the same size as a 6-storey building! This giant Wicker Man will periodically catch fire as the rollercoaster whizzes around it, a total of three times.

Wicker Man

Wicker Man is an inferno of excitement, and its incredible combination of wood and fire will keep even the most hardened rollercoaster enthusiast on the edge of their seat! We haven’t yet got an exact opening date for the ride, but hopefully it’ll be ready to go for the opening day of the season! We are fired up (pun sadly intended) to book our seat on this unique experience.

The last wooden rollercoaster to be opened in the UK was way back in 1996, when Megafobia was revealed to the public at Oakwood in Pembrokeshire. 21 years of technological advance later, and Wicker Man will thrill and dazzle all comers!

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