A Festival of Pirates & Princesses at Disneyland Paris


April 5, 2018

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Are you a Princess or arrrrrre you a Pirate? Choose your adventure at the Festival of Pirates and Princesses from 31 March–31 May 2018, only at Disneyland Paris. New for the finale of the 25th Anniversary, this is a vibrant bounty bursting with royalty, rapscallions and Disney Characters. Will you float off on an enchanting fairy tale with Moana or Disney Princesses, like Cinderella? Or will you ‘Yo, Ho, Ho’ and set sail on a swashbuckling voyage with a boisterous crew of buccaneers led by Captain Hook and Mr Smee?

Disney Pirate or Princess: Make Your Choice

Get your tiara and tricorne ready for the immersive and interactive new show Disney Pirate or Princess: Make Your Choice, an all-star promenade sweeping you through Disneyland Park. If you dream of being a Princess, then Moana and a royalty of Disney Princesses such as Cinderella or Snow White will take you on an enchanting fairy tale quest. And if the Pirate’s life is for you, the likes of Captain Hook, Jake, Peter Pan, Wendy, and a rowdy crew of acrobatic rapscallions will welcome you on board for a swashbuckling voyage across the Seven Seas. Cutlass or crown? Cannonball or ball gown? The choice is yours!

Pirate & Princess Character Encounters

Feel like royalty and “arrrrrr” like a true rapscallion with these fairy tale and swashbuckling encounters the whole family will treasure forever and ever. Have your widest smile ready because you’ve been invited to meet Belle, Aurora, Rapunzel or other Disney Princesses in real life amid the palatial surroundings of Princess Pavilion. And if Pirate plundering and never growing up is your thing, perfect your limp and shake hands and hooks with the jolliest of buccaneers, and some surprise scallywags, in front of Plage de Pirates. Shiver-ya-timbers!

Become a Princess or a Pirate!

Grant your little Princess and Pirate’s wishes with some dress-up and face-painting fun they’ll never ever forget, at places like Disneyland Hotel and Sir Mickey’s store. Young royals in waiting will become the fairest in the land when they have their makeup perfected and their hair styled just like their beloved Disney Princess, while budding buccaneers can get their face painted and look shipshape wearing seafaring garb fit for Cap’n Jack Sparrow himself. Princess gowns await at the likes of La Chaumière des Sept Nains and Pirate outfits can be unearthed in shops such as Le Coffre du Capitaine.

Princess and Pirate dress-up and face-painting is available all year round, at an extra cost. Face-painting is for children over 3 years old. Contact your travel agent for more details, and consult the theme park rules for conditions on costume-wearing and authorised items in the Disney Parks.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Set sail under the watchful eye of Jolly Roger on a swashbuckling voyage to a time when pirates terrorised the high seas. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Cap’n Jack Sparrow as he tries to get his hands on the town’s treasure, and watch out as moonlight transforms a vengeful Captain Barbossa into a terrifying zombie! Now in Disneyland Park all year long.

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