Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris halloween
October 3, 2011

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AttractionTix are counting down to Halloween because it’s this time of the year that major theme parks around the world transform themselves to celebrate the occasion, not least Disneyland Paris.

2011 sees one of the biggest Halloween celebrations to hit Disneyland Paris yet and we’ve been looking at some of the attractions that will be included in this year’s party.

Disney’s Maleficious Halloween Party

Maleficent, the villain of Sleeping Beauty, is teaming up with other Disney villains in this spectacular show. She will be showing us the true meaning of evil as she challenges Dr. Facilier’s powers this Halloween.

Mickey’s Halloween Treat in the Street

Join Mickey and the gang trick or treating along Main Street. It’s more fun than scary as you will play games with the family and get your hands on some tasty treats.

Meet and Greet Disney Villains

What would Halloween be without the Disney villains to cause mischief around the park? You can bump into all the nasty characters around the park as they come out to celebrate the only day of the year they love the most…Halloween.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

For those who love Halloween, but aren’t keen on being scared, Mickey is hosting a fun night for all the family on this exclusive night. Everyone is invited to dress up in Halloween costumes and join the party.

Disney’s Halloween Party

As the sun sets Disneyland Paris will become a little more eerie as ghosts and ghouls come out to cause havoc with the Disney villains. Enjoy the awesome light show of the Fantillusion parade in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle at the stroke of midnight. You can even join in by wearing your own spooky costume.

Please note some of the events listed above are not included in our ticket prices and are an additional price in resort.

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