A love story with bite at Blackpool SEA LIFE Centre!

Sharks in Love at Blackpool SEA LIFE Centre
May 1, 2014

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Love is in the air – or should that be water? – at Blackpool SEA LIFE Centre after a pair of lovesick sharks were reunited earlier this month!

The pair of Bowmouth Guitar Sharks, named Boris and Betty, enjoyed a fleeting courtship in Birmingham while SEA LIFE Blackpool’s new Shark Mission attraction was under construction.

But when Betty was returned to Blackpool, it became apparent that they were unhappy to be separated so it was only a matter of time before Boris was sent to join her in the seaside town!

Here’s a video of Boris’s arrival in Blackpool:

Reunited at last

Boris and Betty are the UK’s only pair of Bowmouth Guitar Sharks in captivity, and were reunited in time for the new Shark Mission attraction to launch!

Shark Mission is a brand new feature that takes visitors through the amazing world of sharks using state-of-the-art virtual technology.

The patter of tiny fins?

SEA LIFE Blackpool are committed to rescuing animals and protecting them for future generations. Boris and Betty form part of their Breed-Rescue-Protect programme, and if they produced a shark pup they will be the first pair in Britain to successfully breed in captivity!

When the pair first got together in Birmingham, they shared a display with some hammerhead sharks which may have put them off breeding.

But hopefully in their brand-new Blackpool habitat they will have the freedom and space for their romance to blossom!


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