The Scariest Lightwater Valley Rides – on video!

Lightwater Valley Rides
March 17, 2015


Lightwater Valley theme park in Yorkshire might have a sweet-sounding name, but don’t let that fool you because it’s got some seriously nail-biting rides and rollercoasters. In fact, it’s the home of Europe’s longest coaster!

So if you want to know what you’re letting yourself in for, check out these videos of the scariest Lightwater Valley Rides!

The Ultimate

The longest roller coaster in Europe – need I say more??

The Eagle’s Claw

An insanely intense ride experience with a serious amount of airtime!

The Twister

Full of tight turns and swift drops, giving you the feeling that you could plummet into the treetops at any minute!

Black Pearl

Not your usual pirate ship – this one swings a full 360 degrees before doing the same in reverse!

Trauma Tower

This ‘drop tower’ is full of suspense, as you never know when the next drop is coming!


Take a seat in these ‘chair swings’ for an awesome mix of speed, height and air time

Black Widow’s Web

This spinning ride takes you completely upside down, equalising your body weight with forces which gives you that weightless feeling

Powder Kegs

One of Lightwater Valley’s more explosive rides, assaulting the senses with a fast, spinning and sometimes dizzying experience.

Wild River Rapids

This family friendly water ride is a ride of two halves, from the elevated turns up above, to the choppy waters that await below!

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Videos courtesy of Theme Park Worldwide, Airgates Attraction News, Mushroom Productions, Martin Brecken and Pampie111

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