Sun, Sea and Siam Park: What to do in Tenerife!

What to do in Tenerife
June 26, 2015

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Having been to Tenerife as a child, I already have some fond memories in the old noggin’. But this time, I wanted to go back and check out one of the island’s top attractions, Siam Park.

So what is Siam Park?

Well, most importantly it’s been voted one of Europe’s top water parks! With a Thailand-inspired setting, incredible rides, short queues and polished, professional staff, this was easily the best day of our holiday. I’m proud to report going to Siam Park one of the best decisions we made!

If you’re heading to Tenerife, you need to get yourself there and if it’s your first time, you may want to give my Siam Park rides & attractions top tips a read.

But what are some of the other things you should do in Tenerife? Here’s my top 5:

Go surfing!

We stayed at Playa de las Americas and it was very apparent that this is one of the most popular places to go surfing on the south coast.

You can hire a wetsuit, booties and a board from one of the numerous surf shacks on the beach for around €18 for 3 hours and catch some waves.

Going in May, the water isn’t exactly Hawaii temperature but it was warm enough even for a wimp like me!

Take a selfie with Mount Teide

Mount Teide selfie

Well no, don’t just do that, take a coach tour to Europe’s tallest volcano and see a few Tenerifian villages.

Most tours include a visit to the famous thousand-year-old Dragon tree to make a wish.

Take an insane road trip through Masca ValleyMasca Valley mountains in Tenerife

We’re very lucky that this was part of our tour and we weren’t trying to negotiate the tight, winding roads of Masca Valley ourselves!

However we did enjoy seeing some insane drivers on the narrow roads and pretty much every time we turned a corner, there would be a little car having to reverse to give us enough space to get by!

If you’re an insane driver yourself, hire a car for the day and go up the valley for breath-taking views and the thrill of knowing if you mis-steer you’ll plummet down a steep (but beautiful) cliff.

Go jet-skiing and see wild dolphins

Dolphin spotting in Tenerife


Tenerife has over 20 pods of dolphins living nearby so you’re more than likely to see one if you take a boat trip. We got up close and personal with them on our 2-hour jetski tour.

It was pretty choppy out and our jet-ski lifted into the air over each wave, but overall it was super fun!

Have a Pina Colada with sparklers (or 2) – you’ve earned it!

You can get a Pina Colada anywhere but I’d recommend Vilaflor (Avenida Francisco, Andrade Fumero, C.C. Troya, local #6, Playa de las Americas) as they are amazing and sparkly!

There’s normally a live performance to enjoy with your drinks.

Pina Coladas in Tenerife

What’s on your “can’t-miss” list of what to do in Tenerife?

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