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June 3, 2015

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Siam Park Tenerife has been voted the best water park in Europe, and with good reason! Set against a beautiful backdrop of Thai-style architecture and tropical gardens you’ll find some of the most exciting water rides and fun attractions.

These are the Siam Park rides and attractions that you just can’t miss:

The Tower of Power

Minimum height: 1.40m

Siam Park Rides - Tower of Power

One of Siam Park’s most iconic, adrenaline pumping attractions. Climb to the very top of the Tower, take a giant leap of faith and get pushed down a near-vertical 28m drop at 50mph! Enjoy the sharks as you slide through their saltwater tank at the end!


Minimum height: 1.25m

Enter the darkness of the mighty Vulcano as your raft drifts through the dim cone and down the plughole with sounds of volcano eruptions blaring in your ears! Each inflatable raft holds 4 people.

The Dragon

Minimum height: 1.25m

Siam park rides - The dragon

Another big ride, experience the power of the Dragon! Hang on tight to your raft as you ride down a huge tornado-shaped cone, plunging faster and faster from side to side achieving stomach-churning zero-gravity before being washed away to the end of the ride. Phew! Each inflatable raft holds 4 people.

Mekong Rapids

Minimum height: 1.10m

Full of twists and turns – prepare yourself for the big hump at the end of the slide!


Minimum height: 1.25m

One of the biggest rides at Siam Park, this 200m mega-slide starts with a near vertical drop and guarantees a speedy adrenaline rush as you zoom through the curves and all the way up the walls of slide tunnel! Each inflatable raft carries 4 riders at a time.

The Gigante

Minimum height: 1.25m

The giant Siam Park

For single or double riders, take your inflatable ring and conquer The Gigante! Slide round the edges of the tunnel and prepare to go down the plughole backwards!

Jungle Snakes

Minimum height: 1.10m in 2 slides, 1.25m in 2 slides

Jungle snakes Siam Park

Take your inflatable tube up the stairs and slide down one of four Jungle Snakes – Boa, Python, Cobra and Viper. You can ride with a friend in a double ring (with the exception of Boa) or ride on your own if you dare. One of the slides is pitch black!

Naga Racer

Minimum height: 1.10m

Naga Racer Siam Park

Grab a mat and race your friends down the Naga Racer slides. You’ll be sent down on your front to ensure you reach maximum speed!

Lazy River

Minimum height: 1.10m

Siam Park Lazy River

Relax and drift slowly along the Lazy River, taking in the stunning views of the beautiful Thai architecture and plants. There’s a waterfall if you want to cool off, and when you’re ready for a bit more speed, turn left at the intersection and slide down the tunnel and through the shark tank!

The Lost City


Siam Park Lost City

This area is specially designed for younger kids who might not be big enough to enjoy the main rides! With towers, bridges, nets, waterfalls, fountains and gentle slides, little ones can have hours of splashy fun – and there’s even a “Baby Zone” where parents can get their babies used to the water.


Minimum height: 1.25m

Siam park rides - Sawasdee

Sawasdee children’s zone has smaller versions of the adult rides, so the younger guests don’t have to miss out! There’s a child-friendly replica of The Dragon and other exciting rides.

Siam Beach

No height restrictions
Beach at Siam Park

Soak up some rays on Siam Park’s huge white-sand beach, complete with parasols and palm trees. Here you can kick-back, relax and take in the gorgeous views of La Gomera and the Atlantic Ocean, or enjoy a drink on the terraces of two beautiful beach bars.

Wave Palace

No height restrictions
Wave palace at Siam Park

Jump the waves in the world’s biggest wave pool! Capable of producing waves up to 3 metres (the biggest artificial waves in the world) Wave Palace is the perfect spot to ride the waves or simply enjoy the water lapping at your feet on its lovely sandy beach.

Siam Park’s wildlife

Siam Park wildlife

Nature lovers will be in their element here too. Watch the lazy sea lions glide effortless through the water, or the terrifying ragged tooth sharks swimming around the shark tank. Try holding your hand over the wooden walkways and watch the Koi fish surface to greet you!


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