How to hit your steps per day AND have fun!

January 10, 2017

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If you’re looking for a way to kick start your health and fitness journey, start with tracking the number of steps you do on a daily basis!

To make things a little easier, why not combine walking with something you enjoy like travel? Our research shows that walking around attractions could help you burn some serious calories on your day out. As experts in attractions, we decided to look at how many steps you’d typically walk around some of our attractions and calculate* how many calories you’d burn on a day out.

Exercise in disguise AND you get to tick a few things off your bucket list, what are you waiting for? Get your pedometer on and get walking!

How many steps should you walk a day?

According to the NHS, you should be walking 10000 steps a day!

How many miles is 10000 steps?

10000 steps in miles equates to roughly 5 miles, depending on how fast you walk, that could take up to 1 hour 20 minutes.

That’s a very long and boring walk on a treadmill, but why not find a more fun way to walk?

Here are the top attractions to help you hit your 10000 steps per day:

Festive calories you can burn off:

Attraction Calories burned Mulled wine Mini chocolates Mince pies
(120cal) (45cal) (261cal)
Disneyland Paris Resort (2 parks) 1234 10 27 5
Alton Towers Resort 1138 9 25 4
Siam Park 895 7 20 3
Sagrada Familia & Gaudi Buildings Tour 803 7 18 3
The Louvre 595 5 13 2

Here’s the full research:

Attraction Location Total no. of miles Total no. of steps Total calories burned
Walt Disney World Resort- Magic Kingdom Orlando, USA 6.6      16,500         1,558
Walt Disney World Resort-Epcot Studios Orlando, USA 6.3      15,750         1,510
Universal Studios Orlando, USA 4.9      12,210         1,331
Walt Disney World Resort- Animal Kingdom Orlando, USA 6.2      15,480         1,270
Walt Disney World Resort- Hollywood Studios Orlando, USA 6.3      15,660         1,255
Busch Gardens Orlando, USA 7.9      19,740         1,242
Disneyland Paris Resort (2 parks) Paris, France 10.0      25,000         1,233
SeaWorld Orlando Orlando, USA 8.6      21,525         1,179
Alton Towers Resort Staffordshire, UK 7.8      19,500         1,138
Universal’s Islands of Adventure Orlando, USA 7.4      18,540         1,071
PortAventura World Barcelona, Spain 5.0      12,600         1,018
Thorpe Park Resort London, UK 4.6      11,475            999
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, UAE 4.2      10,600            984
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Blackpool, UK 3.5         8,800            953
Siam Park Costa Adeje, Tenerife 4.5      11,250            895
Sagrada Familia & Gaudi Buildings Tour Barcelona, Spain 7.0      17,500            803
Hampton Court Palace and Gardens London, UK 6.2      15,375            767
At the Top, Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE 0.6         1,500            726
Warwick Castle Warwick, UK 2.8         7,073            723
Tower of London London, UK 4.6      11,375            697
The Louvre Paris, France 4.5      11,250            595
Cadbury world Birmingham, UK 2.1         5,250            491
Harry Potter Walking Tour London, UK 3.0         7,500            430
The Eiffel Tower Paris, France 1.5         3,750            365
Dubrovnik Walking Tour Dubrovnik, Croatia 1.0         2,500            243
9/11 Memorial & Museum New York City, USA 0.5         1,250            222
Empire State Building New York City, USA 0.8         1,875            183

*Data correct at time of publishing

*Collected by mapping out the walking route around each attraction, calculating the number of times you typically walk around, number of steps and the corresponding calories burned by walking.

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