Season Of The Force At Disneyland Paris

Season Of The Force Disneyland Paris -


February 10, 2017

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We’re one month into the Season Of The Force at Disneyland Paris. This is a must for the big Star Wars fans among you, and you’ve only got until the 26th March to experience it!

Throughout the day Captain Phasma from the most recent film, The Force Awakens, will be putting an army of stormtroopers through their paces and showing off their galactic power. There will also be stormtrooper patrols, performing ID checks on the crowd to try and flush out the rebel spies. Are you the rebel they’re looking for? On top of all of this there are other shows throughout the day from both the Dark Side and the Heroes!

And if you have a young Jedi of your own, aged between 7 and 12, you can enrol them in the Jedi Training Academy! This opened way back in July 2015 but is as big a part of Season Of The Force as everything else, and the kids will show off their lightsabre skills on stage. But you can’t just turn up and join in – you’ve got to register before it all kicks off.

The big event at the end of the day is the Galactic Celebration. This Evening Spectacular is a live show located at the Tower Of Terror, Disneyland’s second-tallest attraction. The main event is projected straight onto the tower itself, turning the entire ride into a huge 3D screen. There are also big screens showing classic Star Wars moments to compliment the amazing visuals and classic recognisable music. The whole show lasts just under 15 minutes and comes complete with a dazzling fireworks display, jets of fire and some seriously impressive dancing and acting on the nearby stage. The quality of the projection is so good you actually forget you’re looking at a big ride and you get totally immersed in the show.

The Season Of The Force will end on the 26th March so whether you’re a jedi genius, a hopeful Han Solo or a wannabe wookiee, you need to experience this fantastic display until, like Alderaan, it disappears forever.

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It’s a galactic spectacular but it’s not going to hang around! So neither you should you – book now and you’ll be happier than an ewok on a bouncy castle.