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November 15, 2017

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When you think Majorca you think of scorching on the beach, toasting around the coastal cafes and cooling off with a sangria. This is all lovely, of course, but can set you back a considerable amount in the height of summer.

Majorca has much more to offer as a standalone destination and if you want to see the REAL Majorca, you’ll need to head there off-season. Happily, we’ve spotted a great offer with Jet2 with return flights to Majorca from Stansted for just £50 return! So let’s say you get that flight – what can you do in Majorca in the off-season?


Dip your toes (not literally) into Europe’s most impressive aquariums, in Majorca’s capital, Palma. There are 55 different aquariums inside and they are home to some of the most weird and wonderful marine life from oceans all over the world!


For getting around, just jump on the Palma Hop-On Hop-Off service and get a tour of the historic city. Did you know the island has been inhabited since 7000BC?

Or let the locals guide you to the secrets of the island! This busy walking tour takes you to hidden beaches that tourists don’t know about, amazing panoramic views from a mountaintop and enjoy a local, off-radar village bakery for some proper Mediterranean delights!
Make Your Own Hierbas
Keeping it local, try making your own Hierbas! This is a traditional liquor enjoyed by locals all over the islands, and you can take home in your checked baggage whatever you make. And as all the Majorcans know, the best stuff is home-brewed!

Because it’s off season, a week in a hotel will not knock your budget out too much either! Just outside the city centre for example, is UR Portofino, a 4-star hotel which can be yours for £385. Seems a lot? Well, that’s 7 nights, for 2 people, which when you break it down, will end up costing you £28 per night. That’s better than some British budget hotels!

So to recap, that’s return flights, a hotel, a hop on hop off bus tour, an Aquarium visit, and two secret local day trips for less than £400 per person. The real Majorca, historic trips and unique experiences. Or, you could pay £316 to fly with BA in July and sit on a beach with everyone else in Europe. I know what I’d prefer.

All these offers are correct at time of writing but prices may go up