5 Fantastically Festive UK Days Out

5 Fantastically Festive UK Days Out


December 5, 2017

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Christmas is coming and the pressure is on to make it the most magical time of year. Not to worry though, as here’s our guide to the best UK days out of the season, all wrapped up in a bow.

Visit a Christmas market

5 Fantastically Festive UK Days Out

Festive sights and smells are everywhere at a Christmas market, and they’re a great way to spend time with long-lost family or everyday pals. They originated in Germany but soon everyone was in on the act with markets popping up all over the world, running on gingerbread and dishing out mulled wine by the bucketload!

Bath is renowned for its award-winning market, as well as its lovely, lit-up streets. Explore it all on a CitySightseeing Bath – Hop on Hop off Tour or head over to Visit Bath to find out more about the other Christmassy treats on offer.

Meet Santa!

5 Fabulously Festive Days Out
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without paying a visit to the big man. Kids will expect to see his bushy beard and belly like jelly, and there’s only so much lapsitting Dad can stand! Best to get the professionals in and if you’re very good, there may even be a mince pie in it for you.

He’ll be flying through some of the UK’s best family attractions this season, and Day Out With The Kids has handily rounded up 15 of those UK greats to help you find Santa’s Grotto near you.

Try ice skating

X3ice skating
While the fear of falling flat on your face is real, ice skating is fantastic fun and quintessentially Christmassy. Whether you’re flying past with one leg held aloft or clinging to the edge for dear life, it’s one of those classic activities you have to have a go at. Plus if you’re just in it for the ringside hot chocolate, that’s OK by us.

If you’re going to do it, do it right at one of the oldest purpose-built ice rinks in the world: Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena

Enjoy a family walk

X4 Kew 2
Scarf? Check. Gloves? Check. Big, old welly boots? Double check! After tucking into another enormous dinner, it makes sense to get out and stretch those legs – even if to just make more room for pudding. It might be cold outside but this time of year always adds a little sparkle to the scenery, especially if you’re lucky enough to spot some snow.

Kew Gardens is renowned for showing off the best of every season, so go and discover what Mother Nature has in store.

Go ghost hunting

This one is a little left of field but the Victorians always loved a ripping good yarn around Christmas, particularly one with a terrifying twist! Families would get together and read gothic classics aloud, no doubt with the curtains closed lest a spooky face suddenly appear à la Edgar Allan Poe. Give it a go and see if you can keep it together.

Christmas telly always has something good on but why not bring those bumps in the night to life with a visit to the Edinburgh Dungeon?