Check Into the Magic – Your Ultimate Disneyland Paris Hotel Guide

November 23, 2023

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Check in & Chill Out with this Disneyland Paris Hotel Guide



Welcome, fellow Disney dreamers, to the land of enchantment – Disneyland Paris! As you embark on your magical journey, let us be your fairy godparents and walk you through the enchanting array of hotels that will make your stay truly unforgettable with this ultimate Disneyland Paris Hotel Guide.

From fairy tale castles to wild west adventures, here’s a whimsical guide to all the Disneyland Paris hotels that will cater to every sleeping beauty’s needs!


Disneyland Hotel 🌠 

Our adventure begins with the grandest of them all, the Disneyland Hotel!

Mark your calendars for the grand reopening set for early 2024, featuring snazzy refurbishments and new enchantment behind every door.
Standing tall above the park’s entrance, this iconic pink palace is both a magical and iconic sight – feast your eyes on the towering, regal structure, home to lavish themed rooms and adorned with decor fit for a royal.

And that’s not all!
Disneyland Hotel offers splendid views of Sleeping Beauty Castle, a perfect scene for a perfect night’s sleep.

And the best bit?
Staying here puts you just a fairy’s skip away from the all the adventure!


Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel🗽

Marvel fans, assemble!

Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is a slice of the big apple nestled into the magic of Disneyland Paris, where superheroes come to life and adventure awaits!
Inspired by iconic comic book art, and all the style and sophistication of modern Manhattan, these rooms offer the perfect retreat for all hammer-wielding, web-shooting visitors looking for relaxing break from saving the world.

So get on those super-suits (and by that, we mean your comfiest pyjamas) and get ready for a rest and recharge after a long day of flying or swinging or jumping through portals – whichever you do best!

This hotel is the Marvel-Manhattan mashup of dreams, perfect for a hero’s sleep!


Disney Newport Bay Club 🌅

Set sail with Mickey and Minnie for a nautical adventure at Disney Newport Bay Club!

Inspired by New England’s seaside charm, this hotel boasts a serene setting with beautiful lake views. The cozy rooms and suites offer a tranquil escape from the Disney hustle and bustle.
Dive into the heated pool, relax at the sauna, or take a stroll along the shore of Lake Disney – the choice is yours! 

 For maritime magic and sea-themed serenity, the Disney Newport Bay Club is the place to snooze!


Disney Sequoia Lodge ☕

Looking for a relaxing escape?

Disney Sequoia Lodge welcomes you to a cozy mountain retreat surrounded by lush forestry, perfect for park-goers looking for a slice of serenity among the magical madness of the park.
The rustic-themed rooms and warm ambiance create a tranquil atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a day of park exploration.

Sip hot cocoa by the fireplace or take a plunge in the indoor pool for an authentic wilderness experience. Find serenity personified at the Sequoia Lodge.


Disney Hotel Cheyenne 🐎

Howdy, partners!
Saddle up for an unforgettable Wild West adventure at Disney Hotel Cheyenne.

Hold on to your horses as the themed rooms designed like cozy cowboy bunkhouses transport you back to the days of the Wild West.
Be sure to mosey down to Woody’s Roundup Playground where little cowboys and cowgirls can enjoy barrels of fun with their favourite Toy Story characters, Woody and Jessie.

You’ve got a friend in the Hotel Cheyenne – yeehaw! 


Disney Davy Crockett Ranch 🌲

For those seeking a rustic escape, Disney Davy Crockett Ranch is the ultimate hideaway!

Nestled in a peaceful forest, this hotel offers cozy wooden cabins equipped with modern amenities, such as the glorious
heated indoor pool, complete with waterfalls, rivers, and whirlpools.
Nature lovers can enjoy outdoor activities like archery, pony rides, and even a visit to the ranch’s farm.
And with the cabins only a short drive away from the parks, this a perfect retreat for those seeing both Disney magic and a quiet escape.



Disney Hotel Santa Fe🚦

Rev up your engines at Disney Hotel Santa Fe, where the world of Disney-Pixar’s “Cars” comes to life!
This budget-friendly, racing-themed hotel offers a warm, colourful homage to Route 66.
Stationed only a short walk away from the parks, it’s the perfect pit-stop on your Disney adventure – kachow!

And there we have it – your ultimate roundup of all the magical, relaxing retreats Disneyland Paris has to offer!

So, grab your Mickey ears, pack your bags, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime, whichever hotel you choose.

May your adventure be filled with pixie dust, laughter, and, most importantly, a whole lot of Disney magic! ✨🏰