The Gohemian’s Guide to America

November 27, 2013

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Guest blog post written by The Gohemian Traveller

Ok, so you may be wondering what a Gohemian is? Well, if you love travel, then that’s what you are! Gohemians don’t wanna stay put, we wanna go! We want adventure and fun and wonderful sights to see! Sound familiar? Well, I’m glad to meet you, too.

And today I’m pretty excited to tell you about a country which seriously gets my pulse racing and puts firework sparkles in my eyes. To me, America is more than just stars and stripes, it’s the United States of all things larger than life! So here’s why you’ve got to go to my top 6 cities there:


Walt Disney made all of our childhood dreams come true, so why not go and make them a reality? I was 5 years old when my parents took me to see Mickey Mouse in his dressing room at Walt Disney World and I have never forgotten it! Regardless of me being 5 years old or 25 years old when I visit, my excitement can’t be shaken.

Las Vegas









And for the bigger kids out there you may want to go check out the bright lights of Vegas. As a huge fan of Elvis, tacky chapels and bloomin’ gorgeous hotels…this is like heaven for me. Watch out for those hangovers though, that movie doesn’t lie, I had my worst ever hangover in Las Vegas (luckily no big cats were involved).

New York









NYC is great for shopping, museums & theatre visits but personally I think there is more to it than just that. Go for Halloween and see the city come alive with Thriller zombies, or hop on the subway to Coney Island and see the world famous Mermaid Parade in March. It’s a limitless city, where anything is possible, so go and enjoy its offbeat side.










Miami is a city of colour, dominated by beautiful pastel-coloured art deco buildings, trendy clubs, pristine beaches and all-around good vibes. I enjoyed lots of beach lounging, vintage shopping and bar-hopping when I came here.

Los Angeles








Ahhh….my home from home. I love LA. It’s not for everybody but I personally adore its tackiness, movie connections and food. One thing I will say, is don’t expect LA to be glamorous, coz it definitely isn’t. It’s kinda shabby and tacky but it truly is the kind of place you can come to and be whoever you want to be. No wonder the stars love it so!

San Francisco







No trip to the USA is complete without a trip to San Francisco. This is one kooky city! I have met countless people who have said to me, ‘if I moved to the US, I would live here’. There is just something about it. Maybe it’s the free love hippy vibes that still resonate, maybe it’s the history. I adore it for its Beat Generation Museum, the hippy town of the Haight & Hot Cookie – the kookiest cookie shop in the USA.

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Emma Rose Black

Emma Rose Black is a TEFL-teacher-in-training and blogger, writing regularly for her site Gohemian Travellers and The Huffington Post. She travels the world solo in search of offbeat sights and excuses to dress up in OTT outfits (especially with added bunny ears). She is planning to re-locate to Japan next, to immerse herself in all things super kawaii (cute!) and cultural.

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