How to get the Best Photos at the Disney Parks

February 5, 2014

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Going to a Disney theme park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you’ll definitely want to get some amazing photos while you’re there! We asked Disney lover and photographer Justin Connors to give us some tips on how to get the best snaps at the parks.

Just the mere thought of taking good vacation photos might have you nervous. Bringing your camera to the parks is the easy part – snapping quality images your family will cherish is a completely different story!

But I’m convinced that anyone can take decent photos, so I have compiled my top 4 tips on taking killer photos, whether you’re heading toDisneyland ParisWalt Disney World or Disneyland California!

1. Get to the park early

Get to the parks early and avoid the big crowds. By mid-morning there are so many people walking around it is next to impossible to get a nice family shot without catching hundreds of strangers in the background.

In my experience I have been able to photograph my family in front of the castle with absolutely no one in the background. Another plus to arriving early is having soft sunlight instead of the harsh afternoon sun that can make snapping images very painful.

2. Keep your eyes open

Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around the parks. Seriously, do it. Look left, right, up, and down. I promise if you do you will find something that never popped out at you before. The little details are what Disney does best and more times than not they make for some amazing photos.


These clothes were hanging off a bridge in the Animal Kingdom. A lot of people would just walk on by but I stuck my camera up and snapped. It made for a beautiful picture.

3. Look out for unique photo ops

One thing that makes Disney Parks special is the fact that you can never predict what can happen day in and day out. Cast members break out into spontaneous shows, garbage sweepers might paint the pavement with water etc. Keep on the lookout!


I was watching my son on the Carousel when I heard drumming strike up behind me. I quickly turned and instantly snapped this candid moment.

4. Close down the park

In most Disney Parks you can stay a bit after the park officially closes. With a tripod you can get some pretty amazing night photos with no one in the frame. After dark, photos of Disney Parks really pop off the screen and often make for the most beautiful photos of your entire trip. Try shooting the fireworks if you’re feeling extra adventurous.


The awesome Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Next time you visit the parks try out my tips and let me know how your photos turn out!

Have a magical vacation!


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