Ideas for the School Holidays – from Real Parents!

July 11, 2014

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Parents – I guess right now you’re starting to think about how to keep your little ones entertained during the summer holidays? A trip abroad? Some fun days out in the local area? Maybe visiting a theme park, or a picnic and games in the local park.

Mums and dads can often do with a little inspiration for new things to do in the school holidays, so we asked 6 different parents (with children of varying ages) what they have planned….

Vanessa, with Isabella (8) and Florence (3)

We like to treat the kids to a few days out in the summer. We are off to Alton Towers soon, which we are especially excited because they have just opened the NEW CBeebies Land which will be perfect for Florence. Isabella is at the age and height where she can enjoy the bigger rides – the faster the better! Alton Towers is also great because they operate a “parent swap” facility which means daddy can go on the rides first while mommy takes care of the little one (who is too small to ride the bigger rides) and then mommy has her turn – so both parents get to enjoy the rides without having to queue twice!

Janine with Felicity aged 4½

We are lucky enough to have property in France, so we will be making our annual family trip there this summer, which we all love. We’ll also be visiting Peppa Pig at Paulton’s Park and are considering returning to Legoland, as well as attending local events like school fêtes and church fairs – these are fun, cheap and support the community.

There will be many play dates at friend’s houses and meeting up in the parks too, with a picnic if the weather is nice. The school holidays are also the perfect time to see family, so there will be plenty of trips for tea and biscuits with the grandparents!

Janine Ideas for the School Holidays

Erica, with Henry aged 7

This summer we are going to Edinburgh to follow in the footsteps of our ancestor James Tytler, the first British man to fly a hot air balloon.  We’re going to visit some of the historic sights of the city that he would have recognised from this time living there like the castle. As well as that we are hoping to meet some of the more recent Edinburgh residents in the shape of the pandas at the zoo.

Later in the holiday, we are going to fly in a hot air balloon to emulate him, but hopefully travelling a wee bit further than the half a mile that he managed. I’ll also be documenting all the fun we have this summer on my blog

Jen with Jasmine (5) and Sonny (3)

Summer can be an expensive time, particularly if you’ve got children at school. New uniforms, lunch bags, shoes and stationery all need to be bought, and that’s before the holiday has started! With this in mind, I have created a Summer Bucket List that is perfect for little (and not so little!) ones and is packed with ways to spend time outdoors, try new things and get reacquainted with nature. Best of all, 18 of the 20 activities are free!

Top of our list are things like hunting for bugs, building a fire and flying a kite – simple pleasures and great ways to get the whole family outside and worn out come teatime! Why not create your own list? There are so many things to do this summer; sand boats and messages in bottles have been particular favourites with my two. What can you come up with?

Ideas for the School Holidays

Clare with Blake aged 7

We took a holiday to Fethiye in Turkey for two weeks at Easter, so this summer we have a short break booked to Butlins in Minehead! This will be our first-in-a-lifetime trip to Butlins which we were persuaded to go on by friends, and it’s our second annual trip with 5 other families from the village where we live, most of the children coming are in the same class at school. Our trip will be centred on the children who I am hoping will enjoy the entertainment and facilities that Butlins has to offer!

Emma with Esme Grace (5) and Sofia Faith (2)

Lazy days. Summer living. At home with the children. Our LIFE AS IT IS.

Together as a family we will be planning artwork and chasing rainbows this summer – because you can’t beat jumping in puddles! If it’s sunny, free water play at Canoe Lake in Southsea, Hampshire. The beach there is a favourite port of call and we’ll bring home some large stones to paint in the garden.

In the garden, when we’re not in the paddling pool or darting through the sprinkler, we’ll plant flowers and watch them grow, cut them and dry them, for more art. We’ll make tracks to our local library – the summer reading challenge is always fun! Then there’s blackberry picking, kite flying, and Esme wants to try tennis classes….

Ideas for the School Holidays

Do you have anything planned for this summer? Let us know so we can add it to our lists!!

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