The Best PortAventura Rides for Children

PortAventura Rides for Children
August 11, 2015


PortAventura theme park has a lot of adrenaline-charged thrill rides, but it also has loads of fun rides that smaller children will love!

These are some of the best PortAventura rides for your little ones:

All of the rides in SesamoAventura!

SésamoAventura at PortAventura
SesamoAventura is a land created especially for youngsters, with all kinds of attractions, games and rides based on the Sesame Street characters!

Some of the highlights at SesamoAventura are:

  • Take them on their first roller coaster; the Tami-Tami!
  • Fly their own aeroplane high in the sky with Coco Piloto
  • Go splashing across the waves on the backs of the Magic Fish
  • Enjoy the Waikiki flying chairs – a toddler-sized version of one of the adult rides!

Teacups at PortAventura

The Teacups

The family get to ride together in these giant teacups! Little ones can take control and decide how fast your cup spins around by turning the wheel – how fast do you dare to go??
Imperial Cobra ride at PortAventura

The Imperial Cobra

You won’t be able to stop laughing as this giant cobra slithers faster and faster, with gentle rises and falls that will have them squealing with delight!

Potrillos Ponierides at PortAventura

Los Potrillos (The Ponies)

Saddle up, grab the reins and get ready to ride off into the sunset on this wild-west adventure! No horse-riding skills are necessary, but at the end of the ride children will get their very own rider’s certificate.

Armadillos ride at PortAventura


One of the favourite PortAventura rides among young kids! The colourful armadillos take children for a fun, leisurely ride in the Mexico area of the park
Carrousel at PortAventura


A classic children’s ride at any theme park! Parents can relax and watch their little ones having fun, or join them on the back of one of the beautiful merry-go-round horses.


Buffalo RodeoBuffalo Rodeo at PortAventura

Get ready for a dodgem ride where young cowboys and cowgirls battle it out to be the ultimate rodeo star! Can you tame your wild buffalo while trying to avoid the wild steers all around you?

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