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The Lava Tunnel & Whale Watching from Reykjavik with Transfers

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Explore one of Iceland’s longest lava tunnels

Enter the magnificent lava tunnel of Raufarhólshellir - up to 30m wide and 10m high, it’s one of the biggest in Iceland! Find out what it’s like to walk in the path of a volcanic eruption, as you descend into a tunnel carved by burning lava more than 5000 years ago.

Marvel at the stunning colours inside the tube

One of the tunnel’s highlights is the area where the ceiling has caved in. There, columns of light come through and shane on the vivid palette of colours caused by the different mineral types in the rock. It’s a truly fascinating sight!

Discovering the lava tunnel made easy

  • You don’t have to be fit to visit the tunnel –  a footbridge has been built for easy access
  • Protective helmet & flashlight included for extra safety
  • It’s only a short drive from Reykjavík -  the lava tunnel is only 30 minutes away from the capital
  • Return transport included – That’s right! We’ll take care of taking you to the lava tunnel and back

Don’t forget to wear warm clothes & sturdy shoes

It can get cold and slippery underground, so make sure you wear stable walking shoes and lots of warm, layered clothing!

Uncover the mysteries of Iceland with an unforgettable journey that combines two remarkable experiences. Your day begins with an exploration of Raufarhólshellir lava tunnels, a natural wonder that has been evolving for over 5,000 years. This 1,360-meter (4,500 ft) tunnel, shaped by the Leitahraun eruption, offers a truly unique Icelandic attraction. Guided by an expert, you'll traverse the mesmerising underground landscape, where the tunnel's breathtaking formation is highlighted by the beautiful lighting. The winter season adds a touch of magic as stunning ice sculptures grace the cave entrance. Discover this hidden world with ease, thanks to well-placed footbridges and paths. Helmets and lights are provided, but we recommend wearing warm overalls and sturdy, ankle-supporting shoes for maximum comfort and safety. 

Whale Watching

The adventure continues as we journey to the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavík, the launch point for a thrilling Whale Watching tour with Special Tours Wildlife Adventures. Brace yourself for the untamed behaviour of these majestic marine creatures in Faxaflói bay. Look out for minke whales, harbour porpoises, humpback whales, and white-beaked dolphins as your guide provides captivating insights into their world. Settle in, relax, and enjoy a hot chocolate or coffee, all while wrapped in warm overalls provided on board. The Whale Watching tour lasts approximately 3 to 3.5 hours, ensuring you have ample time to soak in the wonder of these phenomenal creatures. 

After your tour, your journey concludes in the Old Harbour, just a short stroll away from a vibrant array of shops and restaurants in Reykjavík's city centre.  

Lunchtime presents an opportunity to indulge in a meal at the Reykjavík Harbour, where you can choose from a range of restaurants. Do keep in mind that time may be limited between the tours, so sandwiches and snacks are available for purchase on board the whale-watching ship. 

Suitable for:
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Great for:
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  • Explorers
  • Nature Lovers
  • Getting Active

Tour Availability: Daily

Deparure Time: 9am

Please note pick ups are 30min before departure.

You will receive email instructions on how to book your transfer once your booking is made.

Duration: 7 hours

Additional information:
Remember to dress warmly and wear sturdy footwear

Please note: Occasionally actual days of operation are subject to change. If this is the case we will endeavour to book a day as close as possible to your original preferred day. Should this not be acceptable a full refund will be made.


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