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Sea Life Centre Manchester

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How to get to Sea Life Centre Manchester

Sea Life Centre, Manchester – Quick Facts

What: Aquarium and marine life attraction.

Where: Manchester, UK.

Availability: Open daily.

Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm. Last admission at 5pm.

Don’t Miss: Seeing the UK’s first Hammerhead Sharks!

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Sea Life Centre, Manchester

Get closer than ever to all kinds of marine creatures, from the weird and wonderful to the graceful and the gigantic at Sea Life Centre, Manchester!

Ocean Tunnel

Step inside the incredible ocean tunnel and find yourself fully submerged in the wonders of our tropical seas, surrounded by amazing creatures including sharks, tangs, rays and green sea turtles.

Cownose Rays

Stingrays get their name from the stinging barb at the base of their tail. When they feel threatened Stingrays can whip up their tail to puncture their pursuer with their spiny, venomous barb. Once they have done this it takes a while for a new one to grow back, so they only use it as a last resort!

Be enchanted by an assortment of amazing rays! There are a variety of rays swimming around in stingray bay.

Green Sea Turtles

Meet Cammy and Ernie

Two magnificent giant green sea turtles named Cammy and Ernie. They live in the tropical ocean tank - say hello as they swim by! 

  • Cammy and Ernie could have a very long romance ahead - they can live for up to 80 years! They do bicker though - just like a real-life married couple
  • They are both target trained, meaning they have specific areas in the tank they go to when their target is dropped into the water at feeding time
  • Green sea turtles get their name from the colour of their skin in the wild which is green due to the amount of seaweed they eat. Here, we feed them a tasty diet of lettuce, broccoli and sprouts


Sharks have lived in our oceans for more than 420 million years... that makes them older than Dinosaurs!

Their brains have evolved to become more intelligent and devoted to their senses – mainly their ability to smell. There are over 500 species of shark in our oceans and you’ll meet different species when you explore our Ocean Tunnel!

  • SEA LIFE Trust is actively working with the Shark Trust to campaign against unsustainable shark fishing in EU waters. SEA LIFE is also proud to be coordinating the European Black Tip Reef Shark breeding programme.


Meet one of the ocean's best known and loved fish...

In the Coral Reef zone, you can come nose-to-fin with some incredible underwater species including the popular Clownfish and Dory!

Take a peek and you will see the coral reef; a kaleidoscope of colour, bustling with activity! These cities of the sea are teaming with fish which come in every shape, colour and pattern you can imagine. This is the home of our cute Clownfish hiding in the tentacles of Sea Anemones!


Prepare to get a bit wet in the Interactive Touchpool - If you’ve ever wondered what kind of creatures inhabit the rock pools around our coast, this is the place to find out!

Experience Europe’s first Sea Bed Walk - home to curious and exotic marine creatures from oceans all over the world – from starfish and seahorses to stingrays, sharks and more!

Meet the incredible Weedy and Leafy Sea Dragons, who have taken centre stage at the Sea Life Centre Manchester!

Suitable for:
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  • Teenagers
  • Seniors
Great for:
  • Nature Lovers

Sea Life Centre, Manchester – Key Info

Open daily from 10am to 7pm (excluding Christmas Day). Last admission at 5pm
Entrance to the Sea Life Centre, Manchester.
Not Included:

Sea Life Centre, Manchester - Highlights:

  • See more than 5,000 sea creatures and 30 spectacular displays including rock pools, tortoise breeding and awesome tropical features.
  • Hold a crab or touch a starfish in the interactive Touchpool Experience
  • Watch sharks swim overhead in the Underwater Ocean Tunnel
  • Discover how the Octopus likes to decorate his home!
  • Spot the Clownfish hiding in the corals, and discover how shy and secretive they are.
  • Do you know how Seahorses give birth to their young? Find out why they are endangered in the wild.
  • Don’t miss the fun talks and feed shows throughout the day
  • Learn about Sea Life Manchester’s breed, rescue and protect programme


  • On a day out with the kids? Treat yourself to a well-earned rest at the soft play centre!
  • Children under 3 can enter the Sea Life Centre, Manchester completely FREE of charge!


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